Human activities are continuously overloading our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions. The results are evident in the form of frequent storms, forest fires, viral diseases, and climate change.

A significant part of these emissions comes from fossil-based energy sources. The need of the hour is a rapid transition from fossil-based energy sources to carbon-free energy sources i.e. renewable energy solutions. DSG Energy (Pvt) Ltd a project of DS group of Companies was established in Pakistan with a goal of brighter and green future of the country by prevailing safer and cleaner sources of energy. We are bringing innovation in the power sector of Pakistan with the help of a dynamic and optimistic approach towards everything.

DSG recently installed a 74 kW Grid-tied Solar Energy Solution at Halmore Power Generation Co. Ltd. Halmore is a thermal power generation company which was adding up to carbon emissions in the atmosphere but now it’s taking a turn towards solar energy to protect the environment from harmful emissions. This installation comprises of advanced half-cell technology Canadian solar panels and highly efficient Huawei 60 KTL Invertor.

What makes this solar solution unique is its specially designed aluminum counterweight structure which is completely corrosion-free. This is a plug and plays structure with zero ground penetration. As a result of this dynamic project, the daily yield of energy is almost 290 kWh and the carbon footprint of Halmore will be reduced by 91 tons per annum.

On a concluding note, it is imperative that we all should analyze our energy patterns and prove ourselves, responsible inhabitants of Earth, by switching to safe, clean and sustainable energy resources. With its dedicated team, top quality products and efforts for growth and innovation DSG Energy we will keep contributing to the betterment of motherland. So, Go Solar with DSG Energy Now!

Let’s Keep Moving Towards a Greener Future!