By now in the age of awareness, you must already have all the necessary information about how renewable energy is advantageous, how renewable energy works and how renewable energy can benefit you.

So as you have enough information then we assume that you found solar solutions very common and beneficial and now you are looking forward to have a solar energy system for your own house and want to make your house a solar house by being a responsible citizen who relies on alternative energy sources in order to save environment.

Now if you know the basics of solar panel system already and only want to know how solar panel system is installed then we are here to help you know a quick and easy process breakdown of solar panel installation. The process of solar panel installation is not very complex for domestic solar solutions but it might be slightly tricky in case of industrial solar plant. Here are few steps of a simple solar system installation that we follow for our clients and so should everyone who carries out a solar system installation:

1. Site Visit for Proper Analysis:

It’s one of most important steps because you need to know all the condition before installing for having the best solar panels system. This is more important in terms of roof solar panels because installing roof solar panels is trickier.

2. Setting Structure:

Solar panel mounting system must be setup in order to provide proper base to solar energy panels. The angle should be correct in order to have best solar panel systems

3. Installing Solar Panels:

When the mounts are set up, the solar energy panel itself has to be installed on the mounted structure.

4. Wiring Solar Panels:

Next process in solar panel installation is the process of wiring and must be done very carefully.

5. Connections:

Thereafter, the solar panel inverter has to be connected to the solar battery (if you are having one). The solar panel inverter should be connected to the consumer unit to generate electricity. A generation meter should also be connected to monitor the amount of electricity produced.

6. Time to Enjoy Green Energy

When you are done with easy process of having a solar energy solution it’s time to enjoy green energy.