Pakistan being one of the world’s largest economy stands today at the brink of an economic super growth. Our energy requirements are demanding revolution in technology and are calling out loud for greener, cleaner and safer sources of power production. The solution is none other than switching to renewable energy. To meet the ever growing energy requirements, solar energy is rapidly bridging the demand-supply gap. As this climate friendly and highly sustainable source of energy continues to brighten lives DSG Energy (Pvt) Ltd continues the provision of innovative and futuristic technology, leading the way with its dream of reaching every nook and corner of the country for brighter and greener future.

DSG Energy | THE RENEWABLE ENERGY EXPERTS Lahore Medical and Dental College Blog Case Studies

DSG Energy Pvt Ltd a project of DS group of Companies was established in Pakistan with an aim to make a considerable contribution in development of beloved motherland by revolutionizing the energy sector in Pakistan with latest technologies and techniques. DSG wants a brighter and greener future for our coming generations. We provide turnkey solar solutions for Industrial, Commercial, Domestic and Agricultural segments which are efficiently designed by our foreign qualified engineers for best results for our consumers. We are bringing innovation in the power sector of Pakistan with the help of dynamic and optimistic approach towards everything.

In a really short span of time since the inception of DSG Energy (Pvt) Ltd we have revolutionized the energy sector with our strategically designed solar energy solutions entirely focusing on our clients need and best interest. By now we have installed more than hundred solar solutions and also have number of ongoing projects. Our recent project of solar energy solution system of 576 kW at Lahore Medical and Dental College is one of its own kind. It will not only fulfill their energy needs but will also inspire other Academic institutes to take their practically literate step to save the environment by switching to renewable energy sources.

We have installed a specially designed on-grid battery less solution by critically analyzing LMDC’s energy needs and rooftop situation. The main challenge overcame by our proactive team was that since the institution had number of different roofs so arranging the panels in a such way that shading effect can be minimized was not a piece of cake. Along the panels, the strings also were to be designed in such a way that they connect different roofs. 360 W Solar panels with advanced half cell technology were used in this process. Half cell technology no doubt reduces internal resistance and results in increased module output and shade tolerance. Taking care of our consumers’ safety we used completely fuse free and reliable Huawei 60 KTL inverter with a high efficiency rate of 98.7%.

At DSG we believe in total transparency that is why we always install a special cloud based monitoring system NETECO powered by Huawei, which enables our clients to monitor their system and keep a check on their system even remotely. Overall the structure of project is cot dip galvanized which makes it completely corrosion resistant. The cables used in installation are single core dual PVC cables which are lifelong durable.

The best thing about this project that it is net metered project. Since the energy consumption hours are only college hours so all the energy produced after that will be exported back to WAPDA and will in turn benefit LMDC

DSG Energy | THE RENEWABLE ENERGY EXPERTS Lahore Medical and Dental College Blog Case Studies
DSG Energy | THE RENEWABLE ENERGY EXPERTS Lahore Medical and Dental College Blog Case Studies

This magnificent project installed by DSG Energy (Pvt) Ltd in a short time of 3 months resulted in Lahore Medical and Dental College being energy independent institution. The energy consumption of LMDC has been reduced to 60% .We are thankful to Lahore Medical and Dental College for endowing us this opportunity and taking the necessary step towards brighter future.
But the point of consideration is that there are number of other academic institutions which are also liable of making necessary change in their energy consumption patterns to save Pakistan from being energy deficit and more importantly to save environment.

DSG Energy | THE RENEWABLE ENERGY EXPERTS Lahore Medical and Dental College Blog Case Studies

On concluding note DSG Energy (Pvt) Ltd is glad to be part of solar revolution by putting forward sustainable energy solutions. The need of hour is that we all realize, climate change is real and we all are responsible for this and accountable to our next generations. So let’s make the change now before it’s too late.

With our dedicated team, top quality products and efforts for growth and innovation we will keep contributing in betterment of motherland.

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