Tired of testing your patience at times of load shedding? Waiting for electricity to come back to complete your pending chores? Melting down in the blazing summers because of load shedding?

Then don’t you think is time for a CHANGE. Switch to renewable energy solutions to facilitate yourself and environment as well.

Solar Energy in Pakistan is one of the best alternative for common electricity produced by hydro power as according to research we are running out of water because of lack of carefulness in the use of water reservoirs. And apparently lack of reservoirs and proper energy production is the reason behind load shedding.

On the other hand the bright side of picture is that we have special geographical location for proper sunlight which is best for Solar System in Pakistan. Solar System installation for catering energy needs will turn out to be really beneficial for country’s energy conditions and environment situation. Installation of Domestic Solar Solutions and most importantly Industrial solar plants will help the country overcome energy crisis.

We can also revolutionize the agriculture sector of Pakistan by introducing renewable energy in the form of solar tube wells and much more. The rewarding part of all these solar systems is that it’s going to be totally load shedding free. So now you don’t have to wait for electricity as its available all the time. Hence load shedding is no longer a problem.

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Now let’s look into another big problem PRICE HIKES. Aren’t you tired of paying bills for the electricity you are not even getting properly due to load shedding. So, definitely its need of hour to have one time investment in renewable energy solutions.

At DSG we facilitate our customers with net metering and solar financing to cater financial problems so that you can have the best electricity at lowest possible price.