Transition to renewable energy sources due to their numerous advantages has been widely observed in recent years, around the globe. The world is in dire need of this transition to cope up with the increasing energy crisis, price hikes, and climatic changes.

Coming towards the energy production conditions in our country, Pakistan is standing on the verge of being energy deficit and one of the major reasons for this energy deficiency is that the total contribution of renewable energy sources in energy production is almost only 4%. And the irony is that Pakistan has such an amazing geographical location that it has a solar potential of 2900 GW and wind energy capacity of 132 GW.

DSG Energy Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd a project of DS group of Companies was established in Pakistan with an aim to make a considerable contribution in development of beloved motherland by revolutionizing the energy sector in Pakistan with latest technologies and techniques. DSG wants a brighter and greener future for our coming generations. We provide turnkey solar solutions for Industrial, Commercial, Domestic and Agricultural segments which are efficiently designed by our foreign qualified engineers for best results for our consumers. We are bringing innovation in the power sector of Pakistan with the help of dynamic and optimistic approach towards everything.


DSG has contributed in the installation of more than 35 solar solutions in a really short span of time. Recently our project of 616kW at Mehmood Textile Mills (MTM) has been a huge success. It has added a feather to DSG’s cap. Working in the adverse weather conditions of Muzaffargarh in the summers of June and July was never a piece of cake for the team. We customize, procure and construct solar solutions according to our clients’ load requirements and energy utilization, similar was the case with MTM. We have installed a specially designed On-grid battery less solution. The specially designed structure of this project is one of its own kind, mounted on the single columns on the tricky rooftop of textile mill. Moreover the structure is magnificently designed to endure high wind speed. Although the ideal location for solar solutions is south facing but since MTM was in southwest direction that was another challenge for the team designing structure. The panels are mounted on single columns in portrait position which minimizes shading effects and in turn increases the energy production. Half cell technology was used for the first time in Pakistan. It’s a cost efficient technology in which the cells are cut into half which in turn increases efficiency by reducing internal resistance and hot spots on the surface. In addition to this half cell technology also increases module output and shade tolerance. DSG feels proud to introduce new equipment in the field which are bringing revolution to the archaic systems. Huawei 60 KTL inverter was used for the very first time in history of solar solutions of Pakistan by DSG and we must say this invertor is a masterpiece of technology. This inverter has an efficiency of approx. 98.7%. We specially take care of our consumer’s safety so this inverter is completely fuse free and reliable. DSG enables consumers to monitor energy and its patterns on their own. We used special cloud based monitoring system NETECO powered by Huawei. This cloud based monitoring system not only allows the consumers to monitor the system but they can also control it remotely. UV resistant cables of 10mm were used in the whole project which are no doubt lifelong durable. Overall the structure of project is cot dip galvanized which makes it completely corrosion resistant. Another big challenge which our dedicated team overcame was working on two different units in other words two roofs and maintaining proper communication and setup. DSG has provided a warranty of 25 years for this project.


As a result of this dynamic project which was completed in two and a half months, today MTM is listed as an Energy Independent Industry. The daily yield of energy is almost 3120.34 kWh. Moreover, the carbon footprint of MTM will be reduced by 900 metric tons per annum with this installation. The energy consumption of MTM has been reduced to 50% and they are gaining a profit of almost 1 Million per month .We are thankful to Mehmood Textile Mills for endowing us this opportunity and facilitating our team over site.

The dark side of the picture which needs to be brighten up is that there are number of other industries in Pakistan putting strain on the energy conditions of Pakistan. They need to bring a change in their energy sources and consumption patterns to safe Pakistan from being energy deficit. So let’s think about it before it’s too late.

Putting the nut into the shell DSG Energy is more than proud to be a part of projects like MTM bringing change for socioeconomic development of Pakistan. With our dedicated team, top quality products and efforts for growth and innovation we will keep contributing in moving towards a greener future.