With undeniable threats like climate change around the corner, our energy demands are crying out loud for a necessary change. The required change is none other than switching to clean and safe renewable energy sources.

Staying in a country like Pakistan where the sun shines brightly almost the whole year, choosing solar energy for all kinds of energy needs should be our first choice. We at DSG Energy (Pvt) Ltd. are committed to energizing the country with clean energy through the collaboration of our valuable clients. DSG Energy Pvt Ltd functions under the vision of brightening motherland with the provision of innovative and futuristic technology in the renewable energy sector.

By now DSG has installed around 35 solar solutions of numerous megawatts in various industrial, commercial and residential sectors of Pakistan. We feel glad to see responsible citizens of Pakistan opting for safer sources of energy. We recently installed a 10kW on-grid net-metered solar solution at Rahman and Rahman Dental Surgeons Lahore, a leading name in a list of remarkable dental surgeons.

The child in us scared of dentists knows how many machines dentists have so this energy system will help R & R in fulfilling their energy requirements. Since it’s a net-metered solution so the excess of the energy on off days will be sold back to the grid which will, in turn, benefit Rahman and Rahman Dental Surgeons.

The need of the hour is that we all realize, climate change is real and we all are responsible for this and accountable to our next generations. So let’s make the change now before it’s too late. Rahman and Rahman Dental Surgeons and many other sensible citizens have made a Smart Choice for Sustainable future by opting for solar energy solutions with DSG Energy, it’s time for you to change your energy choices.

Let’s Keep Moving towards a Greener future!